Highly Unstoppable, Nothings Uncoppable.

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Inspired daily by the NY grind and the way of life. Striving to always bring some fly shit.


Designer/ Photog

Thundercats squid single-origin coffee YOLO selfies disrupt, master cleanse semiotics DIY aesthetic letterpress typewriter narwhal.

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What We Do

The ADDICTZ is a new clothing line that infuses music and fashion and is inspired by the daily grind of New York living. Driven by streetwear, music, ever-changing trends, and the undeniable NY grit, The ADDICTZ presents lifestyle through clothing.

Why We Do it

We don’t chase trends, we create them. The ADCTZ speaks to that daily grind. Comfort  and versatility meets style. We can deliver on what the people want because we ARE those people and we’ve spent the past few years creating a line that speaks to that void

Our Promise

We stay in our own lane, far from mainstream. We don’t follow trends, we create them. “Highly Unstoppable, Nothing’s Uncoppable” are the words we live by and the promise we stand behind.