Highly Unstoppable, Nothings Uncoppable.


OK. So if you’ve ever driven down the FDR on a sun and passed the 125th st. exit you may have seen OTIS. This dude is out there every sunday displaying some crazy, interesting, loose ass shit. He’s been out there on one leg, with a fruit basket on his head, apple in his mouth, and holding his hand out with an apple in it! On top of that, he always has a sheet attached to the fence behind him ( like the one in the pic above) with an interesting saying or statement. Why he stated the Pearl Harbor date, i have no idea.

So please stay tuned for more on the man they call OTIS and look forward to an exclusive interview with the famed FDR bandit. Holla!

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2 thoughts on “OTIS HOUSTON JR.

  1. I’m the hip and I’m the hop and all that nigger bitches and hoes has got to stop
    Didn’t nobody want the hat didn’t nobody want the job so I picked up the hat and I took the job
    A hard job but somebody got to do it
    A hard job so I guess I’ll get to it

    It’s not how hard you can hit it’s how hard you can get hit
    The Man
    Black Cherokee
    Otis houston jr

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